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Steel Picket Fencing

Steel Picket Fencing

Steel&Aluminium Fence

Steel&aluminium fence is simply, strong, affordable, and stylish, it’s a good option for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Spear top, flat top, loop top and mixed types are popular ones. The material is pre-galvanised steel or aluminium, finished in high performance powder coat that makes sure the fence lasts in oceanic cities and sunny cities. There’s satin black available, or we can powder coating in a color of your choice. Same style sliding gate, swing gate and pedestrian gate are also supplied.
Spear Top Fence/Spear Top Fencing
Spear top fence is suited to a wide range of applications including school, home yard, commercial and industrial building. What we have is our asset, we should protect it well, spear top fence is cost effective, looks good, and the most important is to keep our asset safe. Spear caps and pressed spear top are the main types on the market. 
Pressed spear top fence is also called Garrison fence, Security fence, Vertical uprights are above the top rail, they can also be bent 45 degrees in either direction. Details of pressed spear top fence:
Material:          steel or aluminium
Design:            through rail welding, face welding, self assembling
Panel:            1200mm/1500mm/1800mm/2100mm(h)×2400mm/3000mm(w)
Post:             65×65×2.0mm
Picket:            25×25×1.2mm/1.6mm, 140mm/125mm centres
Rail:              40×40×1.6mm/2.0mm
Rail Brackets:       40×40mm
Standard Gate:         1000mm(w) x 1800mm/2100mm(h)
Many kinds of spear caps are possible to select, since they are welded on the picket top. Staggered, curved, modern, all if you like, we can build it. General sizes are as below,
Material:          steel or aluminium
Design:            through rail welding, face welding
Panel:            900mm/1200mm/1500mm/1800mm/2100mm(h) ×1700mm/2400mm/3000mm(w) 
Post:             50×50×2.0mm
Picket:            19×19×1.2mm, 90mm gap in between tubes 
Rail:              38×25×1.6mm, two or three rails, also customized
Custom sizes are supplied.
Flat Top Fence/Flat Top Fencing/Pool Fencing
Flat top fence is widely used around pool, garden, outdoor stairs, open deck, sport facility, school and commercial property. Generally satin black and cream, please email or call us for special color.
Material:       steel, aluminium
Design options:  through rail
Panel:               900mm/1200mm/1500mm/1800mm(h)×2400mm/3000mm(w)
Rail:                 38×25×1.6mm
Vertical tube:    16mm(90mm centres), 19mm(100mm centres), round or square
Post:                 50×50×1.9mm
Custom sizes are supplied.
Loop Top Fence/Loop Top Fencing(bow top fence)
Application:        pool, garden, playground, kindergarten, school, commercial space, etc.
Material:           steel, aluminium
Panel:              900mm/1200mm/1500mm/1800mm(h) ×2400mm/3000(w)
Rail:                38×25×1.6mm
Vertical Tube:  16mm, 19mm, round, 100mm centres
Custom sizes are supplied.

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