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PVC Palisade Fence

PVC Palisade Fence

PVC coating makes the materials resistant to dirt, chemicals and UV rays, so the PVC coating can give the materials added strength and durability. The palisade fence after PVC treatment, will has aesthetic appearance, which can blend with the environment. Due to the fence with PVC coated, it is weather and water resistant and need not frequent maintenance, you don't have to repaint it forever. It can still maintain the smooth and bright appearance after rain erosion.


  • Material: low carbon steel, mild steel, hot or cold rolled steel.
  • Colors: green, white, yellow and all colors in RAL are available.
  • Head type: one pointed, triple pointed, round, round & notched, square.
  • Pales section: D section pales, W section pales and angle section pales.
  • Height: 1.2 m up to 3.6 m.
  • Package: plastic film, wooden pallet as you want.
PVC coated triple pointed palisade panel with eight W section pales, the color of pales are green, the posts and the rails are yellow.
PPF-1: PVC palisade fence have different colors, it is easy to install and is a perfect security fence to blend with the environment.
The orange PVC palisade fence with razor wire winding at the top, the fence is triple pointed head and D section pale.
PPF-2: PVC coated palisade fence can be made into many types. Razor wire and spikes can improve safety.

PVC palisade fence can be widely used as fence in railway, highway for protection, it can also used as the boundary of yards, residences and companies.

Black PVC coated palisade fence for the courtyard, the palisade pale is one pointed top.
PPF-3: PVC coated palisade fence can be used as the boundary of the private courtyard.
Green PVC palisade fence for the urban area, the palisade pales with rounded & notched top.
PPF-4: PVC palisade fence with simple and bright appearance is very popular in urban area.
Yellow coated PVC palisade fence for factory, with W section pale and triple pointed head style.
PPF-5: PVC palisade fence with corrosion resistant surface can be used for factory and company.
Black coated PVC palisade fence with rounded & notched top for the road to separate the trees.
PPF-6: PVC palisade fence with good strength and smooth surface can be used for road and highway.

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