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Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing

palisade fence
Palisade fencing, also known as European picket fence, was famous merely in foreign counties in the past, but now, palisade fence has widely applied at home as well. The palisade fence can be used for the decoration and protection of municipal green space, garden flower bed, units green space and port green space. The emergence of palisade fence has taken the place of brick wall and other clumsy wire mesh fences, making our living environment more simple, bright and fresh, it means the pursuit of high quality life style.

The palisade fencing has many excellent properties compared with other fences:

  • Palisade fence is also called most effective security fence, its high strength, good rigidity, structural stability makes it provide highest level of security for your work and life.
  • The material of palisade fence is various, each of them has their own characteristics, you can choose any one you like.
  • The head style of palisade fence and narrow pale spacing act as deterrent to crime and vandalism, provide security for your property.
  • Palisade fence is easy to install and repair. What's more, it can naturally follow the profile of sloping ground, no other fence product is comparable to this natural benefit.
  • The appearance of palisade fence is attractive, the color of the surface is various, so it may be decorative fence in certain aspects.
  • The appearance of palisade fence is deterrent, so the intruders can be forbidden successfully.
  • Palisade fence can provide a complete vision without block.
  • Palisade fence has a competitive price compared with other fence.

Palisade fence with high strength and high rigidity, can be used in many sites, such as in school, factory, agriculture, government, highway and railway station. The palisade fence not only provides the highest security, it also serves as the decoration for the environment because of its smooth and bright surface.

A long row of black powder coated palisade fencing around the sea and there is a ship in the sea.
PFE-1: Palisade fence with beautiful surface, good rigidity and high strength can provide highest security as well as the environmental decoration.
The top part of palisade fence, with many independent spikes installed above the triple fence and razor wire winding the fence.
PFE-2: Palisade fence with a deterrent head as well as other high damage resistance can forbid the intruders outside.
On a vast grassland, a row of high palisade fence follow the uneven terrains, the top of the fence is bending.
PFE-3: The installation of palisade fence is simple and it can follow the changes of terrains.
Nineteen green pointed palisade pales installed between the wall, they serve as the courtyard fence together.
PFE-4: Palisade pales have various colors and many sizes to blend with the environment.
Three green powder coated triple pointed palisade pales with bent top.
PFE-5: High palisade fence with bent top can provide the highest security for you and provide the deterrent to the intruders.
The top of galvanized coated palisade fencing is triple pointed and D section pales, under the top have four spikes.
PFE-6: Palisade fence with smooth surface, sharp pale and narrow inter-pales spacing defeats attempts at climbing.

Different from other fences, palisade fence can provide many choices for you. Whether in the material, color, or in the size of palisade fence, such as the height, width and thickness, you can choose any one you like. The specifications of palisade fence are as follows:

Palisade Fence Specifications
Material Low carbon steel, stainless steel, highest quality mild steel, iron steel, etc.
Surface treatment Galvanized, Powder coated (all colors in RAL), PVC coated
Color range Green, black, blue, white, red or other colors as your request.
Pale head type One pointed, double pointed, triple pointed, round, round & notch, four spikes below the top and so on.
Pale height (m) 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 2.1, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0, 3.6, greater heights are available on request.
Panel width (m) Standard size is 2.75
Pale section type W section, D section, angle section
Pale section width (mm) W section: 70, 71, 75
D section: 65
Pale thickness (mm) W section: 2 - 3; D section: 2.5 - 4.0
Gap between pales (mm) 100, 110
Center-center pale (mm) 135, 155, 170
Horizontal rail size (mm) 40 × 40 × 5, 50 × 50 × 3, 50 × 50 × 4, 50 × 50 × 5, 50 × 50 × 6
Post type Square post (mm): 60 × 60, 75 × 75, 80 × 80, 100 × 100
RSJ (mm): 100 × 45, 100 × 55, 100 × 68, 125 × 74
Fish plate size (mm) 115 × 30 × 6, 140 × 39 × 8, 140 × 40 × 8
Package Plastic film, bubble film, woven bags, metal pallet or rubber at the bottom.

Palisade fence can be transported in a palisade panels that have installed already with posts, pales, horizontal rails and palisade fittings. We can also supplied the posts, pales, horizontal rails individually to replace the broken accessories.

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