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Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows
1. Unique design style:with the overall matching style of the building, the aluminum hung window because of its greater flexibility, can make any facade effect of line.And for the large partition window, the opening casement only accounts for a very small part of the whole window, so it is more suitable for the high-grade building with strict requirements for the overall effect of the building, especially in accordance with the architect's pursuit of a large space, spacious and bright, good transparent effect, and harmonious and smooth appearance of the building.

2. Great practicability :the pushing rod of upper hung window can help to close tightly,realizing the combination of function and beauty, and having excellent thermal insulation performance;

3 . Good flexibility:the ventilation of the indoor can adjust the direction of air flow so that it passes through the upper part of the space without being directly blown to the person ,and effectively adjust the volume of ventilation.

4.Anti-theft:it can effectively solve the problem of theft since it have function of theft-proof by the open way of aluminum hung window when in the night or no one indoor .

5.Rain resistance:it avoid the shortcoming of closing the window under the wind, sand, rain and snow weather.It also can open windows and ventilate under raining days since it can effectively prevent a large number of rain splashing into the room.

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