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How to Install Palisade Fence

2018-08-03 23:03

Palisade fence has a very simple structure, consists of palisade pales, palisade posts, palisade horizontal rails and palisade fittings. The installation of palisade fence is easy, you can install the fence as following tips:

  1. Determine the space
    Determine the exact space that you plan to fix the palisade fence, you should also measure the size of palisade fence substantially.
  2. Dig holes
    Dig a hole that is suitable to your palisade post and the depth of the hole should be deep enough to pack the post firmly. Make sure the post can stand steadily and the post top is level with the pale top.
  3. Place the posts
    Measure the length of the horizontal rails to decide the distance between two palisade posts. Put the post in the hole, then pour the concrete into the hole, until the level is flush with the ground and the post is firmly stand.
  4. Place the horizontal rails
    Mark the certain place that you want to fix the horizontal rail. Install the lowest one first, and then install the top rail of the fence, if there is a third one, it should be installed equidistantly between the other two.
  5. Place the vertical pales
    Fix the vertical palisade pales on the horizontal rails. You can fix them according to the distance on the horizontal rail, you can also use the drill to drive the slots. The round side of the pales normally face the outside and the nut inside the fence.
  6. Check overall
    After you have installed them together, you should inspect all the places where need to fasten, then ensure the fence is firm.

We can also transport the installed palisade panels for you, so you just need to fix the post.

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